Posted by: davidkhr | August 7, 2012

Olympic Enthusiasm

There is no doubt about the great success stories coming from the Olympc Games in London. Wonderful stories of success finally coming to athletes who have worked hard for the chance to prove themselves. There is also no doubting the crowd and their magnificent support of athletes striving to do their best.
I would add one very small caveat to all the success, and that is the concentrated nature of it. Cycling, Rowing, and some remarkable individual efforts in the sports field. It isn’t quite a blanket success story.
What it definitely does is inspire others to fill the gaps in the success story, (and I’m also just a wee bit jealous about not being there !)
Well done to everyone who set a PB, we can ask for no more, and thoughts are with athletes whose physical condition let them down.
Please stop apologising for not winning…. we know you are trying your hardest, unlike some of the other nations competitors !

Posted by: davidkhr | June 28, 2012

Schools and things

Looking forward to the end of year service tomorrow for the Primary School in my church. It’s normally a full building, although some kids absent themselves. In fairness, some of these individuals absences is a small blessing ! It is a shame to miss them though.
This service is very much over to the P7’s as they have their last hurrah. It’s normally quite emotional, but with this year group, I’m not so sure.
Other things… it’s interesting to see on another site the ten real reasons why pastors quit too soon. Discouragement, Failure, Loneliness, Moral Failure, Financial Pressure, Burnout, Physical Health, Marriage/Family Problems, and being Too Busy/Driven were the reasons given.
Even allowing for the American origin of this, there are a lot of things here that are true for Scotland.
The discouragement thing, for example… I know that I am doing good things around the place (the school is but one example) but it is true that the one negative comment/individual can change the perspective of us clergy. It can be thoroughly depressing and demotivating to be portrayed as the bad guy in a given situation when you know in your heart that that is furthest from the truth.
It’s all well and good to suck it up and move on, but after twenty years of such things that’s hard to do. In my first ministry I was in the position of the pastor ready to give up, and I still thank God for the love of the second congregation who loved me back into ministry.
Alongside the annual golf match against colleagues in England (which Scotland won again this year), that fellowship means a great deal. A chance to change perspective and try to step back and see a bigger picture is something we clergy are not good at, and are not always encouraged to do, especially by those who cause the discouragement.
Anyway, enough of a wee rant for today. Have to have a bit of thinking time for the school service tomorrow and, of course, to get on pulpit treadmill for Sunday !!

Posted by: davidkhr | May 29, 2012

The BBC and the General Assembly

So they had their script ready, and the Kirk disappointed them.
Anyone watching the BBC programme about the GA2012 and had attended any session of the Assembly must have wondered if the BBC had bothered turning up. Their programme was exteremly shoddy journalism and focussed on a debate that happened two years ago. A debate that had nothing to do with the deep and thoughtful marriage report.
To say that it was biased is to state the obvious with the family Macdonald of Iona Community connection taking centre stage effectively laughing at the report and presenting a ‘modern’ view of the subject from a very personal perspective. Their five offerings (compared to the three from one other) were laughable in their naivete. And as for the attempt at levity in the programme with the unfortunate commissioner with a hellish number…
Come on Beeb. Get real ! Drop the anti Christian bias that you have and try for some truly objective journalism.
This was a great Assembly with the Kirk looking at many deep issues in a thoughtful and considered way. The worship was outstanding as were the reflections led by the Moderator.
I wonder which Assembly the BBC were at ??

Posted by: davidkhr | April 16, 2012

where has honesty gone in sport ?

Once again John Terry finds himself at the centre of controversy. After the event he admitted to a ball not crossing the line, which he initially claimed it did.
There is something wrong with sport when cheating like this goes unpunished (even if the ‘heat of battle’ is used as an excuse for ‘exuberance’).
There was an interesting take on this in an Irish football match where a penalty was given after a player had caught the ball in order to stop play as instructed by the referee. No whistle was blown, but a player was seriously injured and was eventually carried off. The referee had no choice but the blow for a penalty. The team captain consulted the bench and then trickled the penalty back to the keeper. His team may be relegated as a result of the defeat (and the score was 0-0 at the time).
This is what sport is about. Not the flamboyant diving and misdirection that seems all to prevalent, especiallty at the top level.

Posted by: davidkhr | March 19, 2012

Budget leaks…

Has Cameron lost the plot ?
The proposed cutting of the 50p tax rate may have things in its favour, but sends the wrong signals to the public. Looks like the Tories are looking after the wealthy (again) and forgetting the ordinary folk, who will probably not be able to afford to use the other roads that will have tolls on them alongside exorbitant fuel prices.
Caught the Daily Politics show at lunch time when an ‘expert’ described some of them as having the square root of bugger all experience in the real world !!
He may have a point….

Posted by: davidkhr | March 12, 2012

Cross words

So it appears that Christians don’t have a right to wear a cross… Funny that other faiths are free to wear their own declarations of their faith without any problem. It’s time the government stopped picking on Christians in this way.
Thought that this was a country that had free speech…

Posted by: davidkhr | March 3, 2012


This is the number of my pilgrimage group to Israel.
We spent ten days getting to know one another and engaging with the complicated history that is the Holy Land.
Security was thorough both ways with interesting questions being asked of the group, and me personally, but that is maybe for another time.
What remains is a deepening of faith among the group alongside a deepening of friendship and fellowship across denominational divides.
I shall refect on specific asppects of the visit later.

Posted by: davidkhr | February 18, 2012

The Sun on Sunday

So we are to have another paper on Sundays.
Looks like a cynical replacement for that other rag the News of the World. Wouldn’t surprise me if the same staff suddenly reappeared, in spite of protestations about everything being above board this time.
Frankly, we get the press we deserve. People insist in buying this tripe, the public have to take some responsibility.
To inflict more garbage on the gullible public must be seen for the cynical exploitation that it is.
If I’m wrong, I’ll apologise…. but I don’t think that will be necessary somehow.

Posted by: davidkhr | February 9, 2012

Capello’s resignation

It was probably right that he resign. The only problem is that John Terry might actually benefit from this.
The focus moves away from his stripped captaincy, which was the right thing to do, and may even see him restored.
A man with serious ethical questions attached to him should never be the captain of any side, let alone a national team
That person has to command respect, and not be the centre of controversy. He leaked much to the press in the World Cup, proving his disloyalty and deceit (as if that need proving again).
Capello falling on his sword is sort of noble, but whoever replaces him, probably Rednapp, should beware of Mr Terry’s influence.

Posted by: davidkhr | January 9, 2012

A year to remember already

We began with a joint service in the local Episcopal church. Four congregations sharing communion together and five members of the clergy sharing a sermon that lasted for twenty minutes (in total!!). A glorious foretaste of heavenly fellowship.
Then the wind blew and took the felt off our large hall, and the roof off our small hall, and with the rain that followed there were streams of water flowing in the halls and even some in the sanctuary.
No, it wasn’t some sort of divine judgement… The wonder was that no one was killed with the roofing felt skewered into the ground like javelins.
The good thing was that people came and helped clear up the damage, and the funeral that was arranged duly happened without major problems. Offers of help came from sister churches, offers that will be taken up.
The problem now is waiting for loss adjusters arriving to tell us what we can proceed with and what needs to be put to tender. We’ve been told to get the church and halls watertight, which has happened, thanks to the skill of one of our members, remaining on site to supervise the work for most of the week.
The waiting is now annoying. I know that the loss person will be busy, but when they don’t some when they said they might, it holds things up.
Pray for us so that repairs can be allowed to happen quickly and that what seems to need replaced can be done promptly too.

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