Posted by: davidkhr | November 19, 2014

I don’t know why I’m surprised….

I made the mistake of listening to the Chancellor speak about the likely external influences on the economy and he was quick to point out that there are some influences outwith his control. He expects to be forgiven for some of the disastrous things he has done for the poor in this country (like the bedroom tax, before you ask), while not extending the same excuse to the previous government who held things together in spite of the banking crisis caused first in the USA and the shock wave hit the UK.
The sheer two faced-ness of this surprised me… but then, it was a politician speaking, heading towards an Autumn Statement with an election looming.
It would be nice to see some graciousness in politics instead of the mindless yah boo of PMQ’s which today was an appalling travesty. Cameron taking every opportunity to put the boot into Milliband while systematically avoiding answering any of the questions. Oh, he’s a politician…. why would I expect anything else ?


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