Posted by: davidkhr | December 31, 2013

A question of priorities

Following the news over the festive period, it’s curious to see what the first item on the news actually is each evening.
What does it say about our society when the headline is the unfortunate situation facing a former F1 driver, when the second item is a suicide bomber killing many and injuring more in a far away land near to the Winter Olympic venue ?
There has to be a balance struck between giving terrorists the oxygen of publicity, but surely it merits higher billing than a comatose F1 driver ?
We seem to be in a celebrity driven society where an individual can command broadcast time over against real news stories. The Pakistani church atrocity was given news time for about four days, and yet time given was often later in the programme. It was gratifying to see a minister being portrayed as the compassionate faithful man that he is rather than some angle being put on the story as the secular media is so often wont to do.
Maybe in 2014, some perspective will return to the media and real news stories will be given their proper place and that some good news might just creep into the depressive cycle of violence and misery. Or is that a wish too far ?


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