Posted by: davidkhr | June 25, 2013

A good walk spoiled ?

On Saturday last I had the ‘pleasure’ of playing a medal on the Old Course at St. Andrews.
I grew up in the town and played many hundreds of games as I grew up on all the links course there and, for the most part, enjoyed the experience.
Saturday was an eye opening one.
Most of the tees were twenty yards and more further back from the days I remember so well. Bunkers had been moved. And much worse, the fairways were no longer double fairways as they have always been.
Now I know that there is a significant tournament coming up when rough will help toughen the course, but for ordinary mortals like me ?
And even worse still was the barbaric approach to the gorse management that I saw there. Holes have been completely transformed into something unrecognisable from my youth. Driving lines have been totally changed and perspectives shifted beyond all reason.
Whoever has perpetrated this golfing treason should have a very particular fate reserved for them in the golfing afterlife !!
Such golfing architectural butchery should not go unchallenged, but it looks as if local clubs have done nothing to thwart such atrocity. Or else their pleas have gone unnoticed or have been completely ignored (the latter being historically more believable.)
A sad situation.


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