Posted by: davidkhr | May 22, 2013

GA 2013 – That decision

Having had a little time to consider the events of Monday at the GA, and having read a few of the responses from both sides of the argument, it is becoming clearer that the question of Church Unity was placed above everything else.
It is hard to prepare for a Sunday service knowing now that the supreme rule of faith and life has been placed under unity at what seems all costs.
A move which was made in all sincerity, which has placed the traditionaist position as the de facto position of the church, has only served in confusing matters still further, and has placed a lot of traditionalists in a difficult place.
The Moderator hailed this as a great day for the unity of the Kirk, but the reality is a rather different picture, I fear.
What is particularly painful is to see a church say that really you can do what you like as long as your conscience lets you, and in that moment the Kirk has lost its prophetic place in society. As believers we are called to be salt and light to a world that badly needs it, and what happened on Monday may well have contaminated the salt and snuffed out the light.
There is still a debate to be had next year about the overture that now must come, and all the legal ramifications must be sorted out, and then a Barrier Act procedure must be followed.
The worry now is that this Barrier Act procedure will be adjusted to make sure that it is ‘fair’ and ‘equal’, bringing in the very arguments that have been the problem for a Biblical view on the matter.
I can but wait, and study and pray.


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