Posted by: davidkhr | February 27, 2013

The Church In Crisis ?

There has been much in the gutter press recently about the church and its problems.
Few people have asked about the timing of these latest ‘revelations’. Just when a Cardinal is about to retire, just when he is about to participate in what might be the biggest decision the Catholic Church will make in decades, this is when very non-specific allegations are effectively anonymously made.
There is an air of a witch hunt about all this tabloid journalism. Accuse anyone, and they can’t defend themselves easily because there is a mood of disbelief about the place. You cannot ‘win’.
What has been remarkable has been the dignified way in which the Cardinal has responded to these issues.
My hope and prayer is that he will be exonerated, and when (if) that happens, equal space is given in apology. (Although that might be expecting too much intergity of a certain type of journalist).


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