Posted by: davidkhr | August 19, 2012

Olympic Inspiration Aftermath

Much has been made on the likes of Radio 5 Live about what the legacy of the Olympics might be. They’ve tried to argue that football might learn something from the attitudes of the crowd and the athletes.
It certainIy didn’t take long for phone calls to come in and say how impossible this was and that it was time the presenters had a reality check.
Perhaps the crowds can’t be too much to blame, and yet… it’s strange that in most other sports crowds can cheer vociferously for their team and then walk home together.
And as for the players… they bring the word ‘professional’ into disrepute. The professional thing to do is to foul your opponent, to take one for the team, to harass officials into changing their decisions.
I think there was one manager who had the courage to actually make players apologise for such behaviour. Brian Clough…
For all his faults, he observed the rules of the game and didn’t abuse officials.
Respect. That’s what he embodied, and there seems to be precious little of that on the field of play these days.
And it’s no use trotting out the pressure of all the money.
And it’s also about time the rule makers of the game handed out decent penalties to those who flagrantly abuse the rules. Ban the cheats, for that’s what they are. It’s what happened in the Olympics after all…
What chance the rule makers actually enforcing the rules ?


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