Posted by: davidkhr | November 2, 2011

Ethics in sport

So the cricketing trial has come to an end and no surprises about the guilty verdicts. What has been a slight surprise is the press indignation at what has been going on. It has been going on for some time and only now do people feel morally outraged… hmmm

And then there’s Mr Terry. The press were astonished when he had the England captaincy removed from him… why ? The man betrayed his team in the world cup by squealing to the press. He’s guilty of adultery, and now possibly of racism too. What a glorious role model for young guys to look up to. NOT.
I’ll take no lectures from the liberally minded who tell me that on the field he is brilliant and that’s the role model he’s presenting. Sorry. It has to be the whole package. And he is not the real deal.


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