Posted by: davidkhr | September 11, 2011


You couldn’t fail to be moved by the personal remembrances of that incredible day. I listened in on Five live coming home today and one man’s story of his brother’s death mixed with the memory of when his father cried for the first time was extremely moving.
Linked into that discussion was comment on a small minority of extremists chanting ‘burn USA burn’ at the memorial in London. Freedom of speech is one thing, but that should not have been allowed to continue.
Today was a solemn day of remembering,
And as for those who try to point out the thousands of muslims killed in Iraq by the security forces, they blindly overlook the fact that much of the atrocities were being committed on muslims by muslims, Sunni v Shia.
Time to get past the vengeance culture of the extremist to the love that is the core of most world religions.


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