Posted by: davidkhr | June 27, 2010

England O England

Is it just me ???
To hear of the expectation associated with their football team and then to hear to howls of outrage when their team ‘under performs’ is becoming rather nauseating. They were darned lucky to get out of the group phase and were totally outplayed by Germany.
This, of course, is not new terrotory to us Scots who always talk a good game but never deliver. Our excuse is that we’ve punched well above our weight for many years and having qualified so often we feel let down when we don’t get there. And for a population of just 5 million, our realistic expectation should be down graded. But there’s nothing like hope….
England, on the other hand, with allegedly the best league in the world (populated by foreign players…) and the population that could justify such high expectation just don’t get the job done. They expect success on a plate and the media are merciless in their hyping up of all the hope. ‘Semi-final minimum.’ Such arrogance ! Not, I hasten to say from your ordinary English person, but from the media, who still talk of English success and British success (for Scots, Irish and Welsh who strangely revert to their nationality when they don’t win !!).
Time to eat some humble pie English press…. forget the inquests. Accept defeat gracefully for once. (I can but dream)



  1. You might appreciate the LA Times’ take on things.

    And in particular:

    The sad truth of the matter is that England’s players, with few exceptions, are an arrogant, ignorant and unpleasant lot. They are paid far too much by their Premier League clubs, where their true allegiance lies, and their ability individually and collectively in an England shirt does not match their swagger.

  2. Thanks for that one John. It says all the right thing….

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