Posted by: davidkhr | December 10, 2007

Ministry both near and far

Yesterday was a highly emotional day in the church. Churches in Scotland don’t usually do emotion. We like things to be in proper order, and emotion doesn’t always appear as a result.

However, in the morning service we celebrated the contricution made by our church to a group called Buskit. They take aid to children in Belorussia. Children stricken with leukemia as a result of the Chernobyl incident. The three youngsters who spoke did so very eloquently and the visit clearly had changed their view of life. There was an edited dvd presentation of their visit and it ended with a song ‘retore my dignity’. At least, I think that was the title. Highly evocative. Hardly a dry eye in the congregation.

In the evening, a much more personal and inward looking service took place. Our bereavement service. A service I inherited from my predecessor, and very personal this year because of two family deaths (my dad and uncle). I was handling things until I made eye contact with a friend in the congregation who had gone through the same loss. All rather teary.

It was a bit later that the ‘lift’ came. One member who had attended said that I had helped so many people and that I should be encouraged by that, and, indeed, I was.

It was a word here and there that got us all through the day. And that is what real ministry is all about. A word dropped here and there to help and encourage and console and challenge.

The heart still hurts, but I’m still standing, and that is all that God ultimately asks of us. To stand, and in standing bear witness.



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